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Portable Wash Pads capture dirty wash water for recycling

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Many businesses who lease their facility find a portable wash pad to be the ideal solution to capture the wash water from their heavy equipment or vehicles.

A portable wash pad is an above ground system designed to totally contain any water runoff from pressure cleaning. Vehicles are driven onto the wash pad basin where specially designed collection pits capture the wash water and funnel it to a sump base. Additional waste water treatment equipment can be added to the wash pad, converting it into a full closed loop system.

These self-contained wash pads can be positioned in a location where no extensive plumbing and construction is needed. Plus, if there’s a chance your business will relocate, the wash pad can be moved on a flat bed or trailer without special oversize permits.

Evans Equipment & Environmental has served a number of industries with our portable wash pads, most notably those in construction and equipment rental.

To learn more about our portable wash pads, contact a team member for more information, or request a free site evaluation. We have five locations throughout Louisiana and Texas to serve you.

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