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Evans Equipment Employees

How Evans’ Work Leads to Your Success!

September 22, 2023

Evans stands out amongst the rest because of our key values; people, performance, and partnership. We want to highlight some of our Broussard  staff who help make us a success. At Evans, we’re all about the people! Take a deeper dive into getting to know the people behind the curtain who work hard to help […]

Portable Wash Pad for Wastewater

Portable Wash Pads: Flexibility in Wastewater Treatment Systems

August 23, 2023

Managing equipment wash systems and wastewater treatment for your business carries many challenges.  The challenges are even greater when the wash system is remote or not at a fixed location. Environmental compliance likely tops the list of these challenges, followed by the various system components that contribute to overall system performance. Any and all of […]

Benefit From Equipment Standardization

The Value of Standardization Across Multi-Site Wash Systems

July 21, 2023

Many businesses have similar operations across multiple locations.  Too often varying locations spread over geographies prevent the businesses from having standardized systems for the operation.  Working toward standardized systems can be difficult enough that owners and managers will just throw in the towel on achieving any standards and build out branch operations based upon what […]

Sustainable wastewater treatment

Sustainability in Wastewater Management

June 23, 2023

Businesses don’t always consider sustainability when installing or maintaining their equipment wash systems.  Equipment wash bays and the associated operations can wind up being viewed as a plain expense without the benefits of other more glamorous investments. Sustainability in your business is built by planning, execution and adapting to change.  Failing to plan is planning […]

Putting People First: Our Commitment to Complete Care

May 17, 2023

In the fast-paced world of business, it’s easy to get caught up in the machinery and logistics that drive operations. But at Evans, we firmly believe that the heart and soul of any enterprise lies in its people. It’s the individuals on our team who tirelessly manage businesses, serve customers, and support employees day in […]

water recycling system

Closed Loop Wash Water Recycling System

April 27, 2023

Any business having to manage wastewater produced by an equipment wash rack knows the challenge of remaining both effective and environmentally compliant with regard to water treatment.  Wastewater Disposal Water consumption and wastewater disposal costs really add up.  If you find your water retention system building up sludge, it piles on additional expenses for cleanout […]

industrial water treatment systems

Does Your Wash Water System Match Your Business Needs?

March 31, 2023

Equipment washing systems have come a long way in recent years.  Proper wash system design and operation is critical to both effective washing and managing associated cost.  While the equipment wash system includes both the wash pump and accessories along with the wash water processing system.  This post is focused on the wash water system […]

The ONLY Truly Turn-key Solution

February 24, 2023

Other service providers claim to be “ Turn-Key,” but are they? Here are three reasons that prove why Evan’s is the only truly Turn-Key solution! ONE We design and manufacture custom equipment. Many companies actually have limited inventory of equipment to choose from that they did not build themselves.  If you have to use only […]

Long Term Cost of Ownership: The Rent vs Buy Decision

January 31, 2023

Keeping your industrial machines clean is a job that will never end as long as you own equipment. Pressure washing is an important activity for proper maintenance of your industrial machinery that helps reduce the long-term cost of ownership. Keeping equipment properly cleaned improves machine performance and helps mechanics more effectively perform repairs when necessary. […]

permanent wash bays for heavy equipment - hugg and hall case study

Case Study: Turnkey Permanent Wash Bay Solutions

November 23, 2022

Hugg & Hall Equipment Company provides a large variety of heavy equipment including loaders, forklifts, boom lifts, air compressors and material handling equipment for rental or sale.  Hugg & Hall customers rely upon their equipment to deliver the high performance required to reliably and safely meet the critical needs of every job. One key factor […]