How to Fix Wastewater Compliance Issues


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How to Fix Wastewater Compliance Issues

At Evans Equipment & Environmental, we understand that the cost to operate a portable wash pad or permanent wash rack is constantly increasing due to permitting and monitoring requirements on wastewater discharges. With the increased enforcement of Federal regulations, violations of wastewater discharge could mean potential disaster for a company.

If you are having issues meeting discharge requirements with your existing system, how do you overcome these obstacles that could potentially add so much additional cost to the process?

The solution to meeting discharge requirements should start with a complete evaluation of your current system. Every situation is unique, and the requirements for every location vary, so make sure you are using a qualified design team that fully understands the obstacles you face and the ways to overcome them.


If you know what is causing the compliance issue, it can usually be resolved with repair to your current system. A qualified design team that understands your wastewater discharge requirements will evaluate your system to determine if any repairs are necessary to resolve any particular issues that directly affect your permit test results.


If repair is not an option or is not needed, your system could just be lacking additional components or features that could change your results.


If your current system is a discharge system, another option to resolve your issues with meeting your discharge requirements is to simply convert to a closed-loop (recycle) wash system.  Instead of discharging the wash water you use, design your system to be capable of treating your wash water to allow for reuse.

Although you will experience some minor loss of water due to over-spray or evaporation, recycling your wash water will also decrease your overall water consumption, another benefit of the closed-loop system.  Ultimately, a recycle system eliminates the worry of obtaining a discharge permit or failing any permit requirements.

meeting discharge requirements

Evans Equipment & Environmental has the knowledge and resources to assist you with the solutions you need to improve or modify your system design.  Evans can evaluate the issues you’re experiencing and determine the best course of action to ensure that your wash operation is compliant with federal and local regulations.

Evans Equipment and Environmental is Your End-to-End Partner

Meeting Compliance Standards is crucial in keeping your washpad operating.  Evans Equipment has the experience to partner with you from the beginning to ensure that your washpad or water treatment equipment is designed to operate effectively in the most cost-effective manner.  Contact Evans Equipment today—we are ready to partner with you!