Washing Inside the Box


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Washing Inside the Box

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands that not all situations are the same when it comes to your industrial pressure washer needs. Maybe you don’t own your location or are planning a move or expansion. Or you could possibly have the need to clean at a remote location out of state or internationally. Or perhaps your washpad needs are temporary and you only need it when you finish a long job and need to leave the site.

Whether your needs include a leased space, a remote locale or simply a temporary need, Evans Equipment can provide a Portable Washpad solution.

Above-Ground Washpad

Our Fabrication Department has the ability to build above-ground, aluminum washpads in various sizes.  We can design your above-ground washpad with splash walls on three sides with an entrance ramp or with walls along the sides with entrance/exit ramps at both ends only.  Our aluminum design will prevent rust and keep your washpad looking great for years to come.  The wash pad is also equipped with a water collection trough along either side that will capture all water during the washing process.  The trough contains a submersible pump that will remove the water from the trough and transfer it to be processed for either discharge or recycle.

Wash Equipment Container

Once the wash water is captured in your water collection trough, it needs to be processed for either discharge or recycle.  Our portable system includes a shipping container which is customized to contain the aluminum oil/water separator, water treatment system and pressure washer.  All of the equipment is permanently mounted in the container with all electrical and plumbing routed to a common access manifold.  The manifold allows easy installation at your location by providing a convenient connection point for electrical and plumbing to and from the above-ground washpad.  The container makes it easy to operate and maintain all equipment, while also protecting sensitive components from the elements.

Don’t Leave Your Investment Behind

Your washpad is an essential part of your business and is a worthy investment.  If you’re leasing your facility, consider going with a Portable System that can be customized to meet your specific needs.  If at any point, you are required to move locations, simply disassemble your wash pad, disconnect the equipment container and take it with you to your new location.  The design of the washpad allows you to easily stack the sections on a flat bed, along with plenty of room on the truck for your Equipment Container.  Call Evans Equipment today and ask about our Portable Systems!