Wastewater Treatment Systems

End to End wastewater treatment system solutions for your toughest cleaning jobs

What's In Your Wastewater?

Industrial wastewater treatment systems can range from simple to very complex. The primary factor in selecting the right wash water recycling system is the makeup of the contaminants in the water being treated. Evans Equipment & Environmental specialists will help you identify both the components of your wastewater and the best options to treat the water properly.

The right wastewater treatment system or water recycling system assures you effectively manage operating costs and environmental compliance.

Our Products

The EBS (Evans Bio System) is the latest solution for industrial wastewater where the waste stream includes large amounts of organic contaminants.

mechanical wastewater treatment system

The EMF (Evans Mechanical System) allows for the filtration of elements that may be more difficult to remove from the water than greases and oils.

wash bay system

These systems are used to separate oil, water and settle solids to make the cleaning process more effective and efficient.

Why Evans

With Evans, you get a complete water treatment system from one point of contact. Our expertise in wastewater treatment systems and industrial wash equipment means you get a higher level of quality control and cost effectiveness for your project.

24/7 Equipment Support

24/7 Equipment Support

Meets Regulations in Your Area

Fully Compliant

One Point of Contact

One Point of Contact

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Talk to an expert on how we can solve your wastewater challenges.

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