End-to-End Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Whether it's a retrofit, upgrade, or custom build, we can help you keep things clean onsite or on the move.

Talk to an expert on how we can solve your wastewater challenges.

Who We Are

With Evans, you get a complete solution. This means you get a higher level of quality control and cost efficiency at each stage of the project.

We are the only national company specializing in custom built industrial wash equipment and wastewater treatment systems who can give you a complete industrial wash and wastewater solution from beginning to end with a single point of contact.

Whether we do the build out for you, or guide your contractor through the process, you can leave it to us. We take complete responsibility for a high quality, worry-free build out.

How it Works

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Whether it is a retrofit, upgrade to current technology, or brand new installation, we can design a system to fit your needs, space, and budget.


We have our own construction company specializing in building systems for you or guiding your builder through the process.


We will educate you and your team in the preventative care that keeps you up and running, and provide quick, reliable service should you ever have down time.

What We Do

These self-contained wash pads can be positioned in a location where no extensive plumbing and construction is needed.

We can custom design wash bays for your unique needs and make sure it is compliant with your local regulations.

For pressure washers in the Gulf Coast region, our selection is unbeatable, including hot water, cold water and explosion-proof models.

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