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Don’t settle for less than a solution from a partner who takes complete responsibility from start to finish. We make it easy to keep things clean and compliance effortless. Contact us today to discuss your wastewater treatment and industrial wash needs.

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End-to-End Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Evans Equipment specializes in the construction, fabrication, and manufacturing of custom wastewater treatment systems, seamlessly integrating with our top-quality equipment.

We understand that the requirements for equipment cleaning facilities are as diverse as the industries we serve. That's why we offer custom-tailored design and fabrication services, combined with expert construction support, to address the unique challenges of each project. Our goal is to not just supply the best equipment but to ensure that every aspect of your wash rack system—from initial design to final construction—meets your specific needs without compromising efficiency, budget, or environmental commitments.

Our Integrated Process

Every project begins with a detailed understanding of your objectives. Through a free consultation, we aim to align our solutions with your operational goals, delivering cost-effective and professionally fabricated equipment that respects your bottom line and timeline.

Leveraging the power of SolidWorks, our in-house design and fabrication teams craft detailed models, assemblies, and drawings. This process ensures that the final wash rack not only fits your existing space but also meets your operational flow and specifications, typically within a 2-4 week timeframe. Our extensive experience, with hundreds of installations across the U.S., fuels our confidence in creating a solution for any challenge.

Where Evans truly stands out is in our comprehensive construction services. We offer end-to-end project management, taking charge of all aspects from the water treatment system and wash rack construction to infrastructural necessities like concrete work, canopy erection, and the setup of electrical and plumbing fixtures. This integrated approach guarantees a hassle-free installation, avoiding the delays and mistakes often encountered with less experienced contractors.

Our commitment extends beyond mere construction. We ensure that your complete solution adheres to all relevant codes and regulations, providing you with a turn-key system ready for immediate use. Our in-house design capabilities allow you to preview your system before we begin, ensuring that every component is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Custom Wash Bays and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Evans provides a range of wastewater treatment systems tailored to your specific needs. Our specialists assist in identifying the contaminants present and selecting the optimal treatment solution, ensuring cost-effective operation and compliance with environmental regulations.


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Scheduled Maintenance for Efficiency & Longevity

Customized to your specific equipment, Evans offers monthly scheduled maintenance to provide the chemicals, parts, and accessories you require.

  • Minimal Downtime
  • Longterm Savings
  • Maximum Machine Efficiency

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