Portable Wash Pads





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Portable Wash Pads
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Our unique, rugged and self-contained portable wash pads can be positioned in almost any location where you need to clean heavy equipment. No extensive plumbing or construction is required. Plus, if there’s a chance your business will relocate, the wash rack can be moved on trailer without special oversize permits. We have developed our portable equipment pads to be:

  • Portable
  • Rugged
  • Self -Contained

Evans Portable Wash Pads are specifically designed to work seamlessly with our water treatment systems and pressure washing equipment to help you conserve and recycle wash water in a closed-loop. This saves you the time and cost of having to discharge wastewater and helps create a cleaner environment.

With just a flat piece of ground and access to power, our portable wash rack allows you to properly clean heavy equipment and manage wastewater for compliance with local regulatory requirements.

The Portable Wash Pads include a raised floor with drain and up to three walls to capture wash water. Evans Equipment & Environmental water treatment systems accompany the wash rack to filter, process and recycle wash water allowing extended uninterrupted service even where fresh water supply may be limited.

An open top eliminates the common concern over clearance for equipment height and allows overhead access where equipment is moved by crane.

The Evans Equipment & Environmental Service Team can deliver and install a turnkey Portable Wash Pad System on short cycle times when your jobs change locations.

Portable Wash Pad Rentals

The portable modular design of the equipment pad allows us to provide systems on a rental basis.

We are happy to sell a complete equipment wash rack system that allows you the flexibility to move your wash pad as your business location changes. We also know that utilizing a rental system can be a great solution for short term needs where a lower overall cost is required.

Evans Equipment & Environmental Portable Wash Pad Rentals provide a reliable and cost- effective solution for situations where a capital expense to install a more permanent equipment wash system is not practical.

  • Available in Marine Grade Aluminum or Galvanized Steel
  • Solid-Deck Treadplate Design (with interlocking section channel design)
  • Standard Sizes: 10’ or 20’ Width / any Length in 5’ Increments
  • Available Splash Walls: 5’ or 8’ Height, Aluminum
  • Available in drive-thru design or with walls on 3 sides
  • Entrance/Exit Ramps Available
  • Includes Water Collection Trough (located on along the side or rear)
  • Optional Mud Trough
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Aluminum: 64,000 LBS (4-Wheeled Vehicle)
  • Galvanized Steel: 80,000 LBS (4-Wheeled Vehicle)

Contact Evans Equipment & Environmental for More Details

Evans Equipment & Environmental is a leader in the Design – Build – Service of equipment wash systems. Portable Wash Pads are gaining favor with our customers who find our systems solve the problems they face with short term equipment wash bay needs.

Contact us today for details about how we can help your business.


Ideal for customers that are leasing their facility. The wash pad becomes a moveable asset that they can take with them if they ever move locations.


Ideal for temporary projects or wash operations.


Ideal for projects that require the ability to be moved throughout the life of the project.


Need to clean at a remote location out of state or internationally? Use a portable pad when and where you need it.

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