A 3D Drawing is Worth a Thousand Words


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A 3D Drawing is Worth a Thousand Words

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands that the success of any project greatly depends on good, clear communication between all parties involved. This begins with a state-of-the-art design team.

One of the most important tools in the communication of a project are the drawings that illustrate the vital details to support the proposed scope of work. At Evans Equipment, we use Solidworks to provide professional and accurate solid models and drawings to represent those details. We ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.


We Illustrate the Details

Our use of Solidworks allows us to provide support to the Design, Consulting and Quoting process by creating detailed models, assemblies and drawings. These models and drawings provide information on equipment layout, construction, electrical, plumbing specifications and operator’s manuals.

The Advantage of 3D

The traditional 2D drawings are still used in industries and remain a dependable source for providing detailed project drawings. The advantage of using 3D in Solidworks is that you can provide the customer with a “rendered” view, which allows you to see what the finished product looks like. You can view:

  • Horizontal length
  • Width dimensions
  • Vertical dimensions
  • Clearance

Once a model is created in Solidworks, we will insert the proposed equipment in the intended space to ensure functionality and clearances are adequate.

A Drawing is Worth a Thousand Words

The well-known saying, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” is also true as it relates to project-rendered models and drawings. A traditional quote will tell the customer what they are getting, but a quality rendered drawing will show them.

Evans Equipment & Environmental is your Design Partner  We can create a drawing to clarify the details of your project, from the design stage to completion, ensuring that all of your design needs are met.

Call Evans Equipment today at 1-800-377-5872 and ask about how our design department can fulfill all of your design needs!