Consulting Services Reduce Your Risk


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Consulting Services Reduce Your Risk

It is crucial that your wash rack is designed to meet all state and local regulations, as well as the needs of your washing operation.

When building your wash rack, there are certain stages in construction that are vital in ensuring the wash rack will function as designed.

Whether your wash rack includes…

  • in-ground trench drains,
  • a catch basin,
  • drive-in pits,
  • settling pits, or
  • oil/water separators

…it is important that the structures are built or installed correctly to ensure adequate containment.

Consulting: Get It Right

Consulting services are a great investment and they help to guarantee that your equipment is built correctly.

Good consulting input can eliminate major issues with the wash rack at an early stage, which could prevent costly repairs, since these issues could be resolved prior to all major concrete pours.

Possible problems that can occur with the absence of consulting:

  • In-ground pre-treatment structures leaking water from not being constructed or sealed correctly
  • Incorrect electrical supply for required equipment
  • Flawed plumbing (this is difficult to repair after concrete is poured)
  • Inaccurate plumbing elevations (which causes the water to flow incorrectly)
  • Incorrect containment in wash rack (this is crucial for preventing overflow)

If you’re in need of this, our staff has the knowledge to provide consulting services during the construction process. This includes the initial plan or drawing review, as well as periodic site visits at crucial stages throughout the project.

These site visits would allow confirmation of:

  • adequate water stop installation in all in-ground structures and pits
  • correct in-ground piping elevations
  • overall integrity of the wash rack design

We Provide Turn-Key Solutions

In addition to consulting, Evans Equipment handles your wash rack construction completely turn-key. We assist with initial design and drawings, permitting and engineering, complete construction of the wash rack, as well as installation of all wash and water treatment equipment.

Our turn-key solution eliminates your need to deal with multiple contractors or subcontractors since Evans would handle all aspects of the project.

Partnering On Your Project

Our goal is to create a partnership with you to eliminate any potential issues with your wash rack or wash rack equipment.

Whether you need some consulting to ensure the wash rack is built correctly or you need it built turn-key, Evans Equipment can get the job done right. Give us a call at 1-800-377-5872 today.