Custom-Built Equipment Helps You Get the Job Done


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Custom-Built Equipment Helps You Get the Job Done

In some wash racks, the list of equipment required to perform the washing, as well as clean and treat the wash water, may be standard. However, there are cases where the wash operation may involve a condition that will require specialized equipment to adequately treat the water.

For example, if your wash process or the equipment being washed includes certain chemicals, your treatment system may require additional equipment in order to perform tasks such as:

  • Treating the PH of the water
  • Providing additional oil skimming ability or enhanced filtration

Your wash process and all the variables involved will need to be evaluated in order to ensure that your wash rack includes the proper equipment. This process of evaluating and building custom equipment can be costly.

If you’re in need of custom-built, specialized equipment, our Fabrication Department can custom-fabricate any equipment in a very cost-effective manner.

In industry, there are projects that require specialized equipment in order to be completed successfully. Some of these special operations include:

In addition, these operations can also be automated to some degree based on the budget and needs of the customer.

The Right Equipment is a Must

At Evans Equipment & Environmental, we specialize in providing “turn-key” products and solutions for all your wash rack needs.

The capabilities of our Fabrication Department allow us to provide a wide variety of standard or custom-built products that will enhance the performance of your wash rack and associated equipment.

Your wash rack is crucial in ensuring that your equipment and products are maintained at a level that will provide long-term sustainability.

Evans Equipment is always ready to partner with you to design, fabricate, and install all your wash rack equipment, as well as provide dependable service following the initial installation.