Our Design Phase: It’s All About You


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Our Design Phase: It’s All About You

Getting your equipment clean is a black and white directive, but how and where to do that are not always black and white.  Every company, and location, is different.  You have different needs and unique challenges for building a wash bay that works for your company and facility.  It isn’t just about buying the best equipment.  There are many factors and that is why the design phase is crucial for success.

Our in-house design and fabrication teams can design, build, and install your specialized wash rack equipment on budget, and within a timeframe that doesn’t cost you more than it should. We can design a wash bay to fit your existing space, and retrofit or upgrade your existing wash bay.

How We Design the Wash Rack You Need

It all begins with a design. Let us walk you through the design phase of our fabrication process.

  • At the beginning of a project, we start with a free consultation and a quote.

Our goal is to partner with you to provide professional fabricated equipment at a cost that will protect your bottom-line, while also accommodating your timeline and environmental needs. We can ensure that your wash rack is setup to accommodate the needs and flow of your unique processes.

  • Once we understand your needs, we move into the actual design phase.

After we determine the needs and flow of the processes for a business, we get to work creating detailed models, assemblies, and drawings of the wash rack and associated equipment with the use of SolidWorks. These models and drawings provide information on the equipment layout, the construction details, as well as the electrical and plumbing specifications. The design phase depends on the size of the project, but an average project requires 2-4 weeks of design.

  • We take pride in the finished product.

It is rewarding to see a project come to life and transition from a sketch, to a model & drawing, and then to the finally finished project. Evans Equipment has designed hundreds of wash racks all across the United States.No matter what the need is, we can create a custom design for it.

We take responsibility for ensuring that your complete solution meets all of the relevant codes and regulations. Evans Equipment takes pride in providing turn-key solutions for all industrial washpad needs. Contact Evans Equipment at 1-800-377-5872 to partner with us for your next wash rack project.