3 Disadvantages of Not Maintaining Industrial Equipment


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3 Disadvantages of Not Maintaining Industrial Equipment

Maintaining your industrial equipment may seem like a no-brainer.

Of course, you should have routine maintenance done on your equipment.

However, you’d be surprised at the high amount of industrial wastewater equipment that goes without routine upkeep.

Properly functioning equipment isn’t an indication of not needing maintenance. In fact, Preventative Maintenance service is exactly what is needed to ensure your equipment functions correctly.

Passing on routine maintenance for your industrial equipment is risky because you will inevitably run into issues.

3 Disadvantages of Passing on Preventative Maintenance Service

  1. Inefficient Equipment
  2. Proportionately Higher Costs
  3. Unsatisfied Customers

Who would want their business to be associated with these three shortcomings? I can answer that…no one.

Let’s break these down a little bit.

Inefficient Equipment 

If routine maintenance is not completed, the equipment cannot operate at full capacity. It will eventually break down and incur issues, causing ineffectiveness.

Each piece of equipment is made up of multiple components, and when these components prematurely fail due to a lack of maintenance, unwanted costs are inevitable. Inoperative equipment increases the cost of service repair, and ultimately replacement altogether.

Proportionately Higher Costs

Without proper routine maintenance, unwanted costs are unavoidable. Click here to read a case study about a company that spent $25,000 in system repairs due to deciding against equipment upkeep.

Most of the expense could have been avoided if the company had chosen to maintain its equipment. While Preventative Maintenance service is an investment up front, it will save many unnecessary costs in the future.

Unsatisfied Customers

It’s imperative to have equipment in good condition. If your equipment breaks down on a job, not only is the job losing time, money and productivity, you are losing a good relationship with your client.

When it comes to finishing a job, downed equipment causes a lack of productivity and effectiveness. This surely leads to an unsatisfied customer. And, unsatisfied customers talk. You do not want your business to be the subject of that conversation.

Scheduling a Preventative Maintenance Service is in Your Best Interest

Preventative Maintenance is the service in which technicians check and evaluate each component of a system, as well as the overall performance of the system.

PM Service is crucial in maintaining a proactive approach to operation and maintenance of your equipment. It creates the ability to prevent problems before they happen and helps with eliminating down-time.

When is your next maintenance service scheduled?