Effective Washbay Layout


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Effective Washbay Layout


Evans Equipment & Environmental understands what it takes to successfully manufacture and install a washpad and wastewater treatment system. Industries vary greatly when it comes to how water is treated and used. For example, the Oil & Gas industry will have vastly different requirements and needs than, say, the equipment rental industry.

Not All Washbay and Wastewater Treatment Systems Are the Same

When it comes to location and layout, your system design must be optimized for ease of use. Surrounding areas, existing structures and natural flow patterns of the facility need to be considered when designing the system. The location of the equipment must  fit into that equation as well, optimizing performance that results in quicker wash times and greater efficiency. And all of these factors need to fit within the requirements and needs of the industry you are in.

Design fundamentals also include factors such as balancing the correct flow, dwell time and the sizing of pre-treatment pits and tanks. Knowledge on how to calculate all of these items can be the deciding factor on a successful washpad and wastewater treatment system design, manufacturing and installation.

When your washpad and wastewater system is designed from the beginning to optimize space and performance, your operation will enjoy a reduction in operating costs, allowing that money to go directly to your bottom line.

Evans is your Design Partner Evans Equipment & Environmental has a team of experienced design professionals that can offer your company a variety of the best options for your needs and can consult with you on a turn-key solution for your washpad and wastewater system design needs. When combining the right equipment along with expertise in execution, your system can become a driving force of success for your company.