Old Technology, Effective Solution


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Old Technology, Effective Solution

Using the incorrect type of filter system will cause more harm than good, and will result in expensive maintenance costs down the road.

When building your wash system, keep in mind that it’s crucial to remove certain contaminants from your water.  Whether you are using a closed-loop system or permitted discharge, multi-media and carbon filter vessels are a great way to remove:

  • Solids
  • Oils
  • Grease

They’re also a great way to lower COD, BOD levels in the water, which contributes to out-of-compliance testing.

These types of filters must be installed and placed within the system correctly to achieve maximum cleaning performance. Incorrect installation will result in diminished water quality and costly repairs.

Your First Line of Defense: Multi-Media Filtration

The multi-media filter should always be first in line in your wash system so that any floating or suspended solids have a chance to be removed prior to entering the carbon filter. The multi-media filter typically consists of:







This is the first filter which pre-cleans the water before it reaches the carbon filter. This type of filter can be backwashed and cleaned multiple times.

The Power of Absorption: Carbon Filtration

Your carbon filtration system is the last line of defense to clean the water and remove harmful chemicals such as oil, grease, hydrocarbons. It also lowers the limits of COD and BOD, which cause problems with water testing. This material actually “absorbs” these chemicals and traps them within the carbon itself.

Carbon does have a shelf life, and that length of time greatly depends on the rate of washing and type of waste stream, as well as the level of maintenance on the wash water treatment system.

A Quality Filtration System is an Investment

Carbon and Multi-Media have a large range of uses and really help to bring home the final cleaning power to your wash rack system. Knowing what type of materials you are dealing with, along with the experienced design team at Evans Equipment, you can be sure that when you take that step to build and design your new wash rack facility, it will supply you with many years of quality service and compliance and help reduce the cost associated with disposal which in turn will be a benefit to the bottom line!

Evans Equipment and Environmental is your Build Partner  Remember, when building your system, it is so important to select  the correct type of filtration products, such as multi-media or carbon. Always begin with the end results in mind! The better your system functions, the better the filtration will work. Let Evans Equipment help you with your next design project