Our Wastewater Systems: Filtration Systems


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Our Wastewater Systems: Filtration Systems

About Our Wastewater Systems

Evans Equipment provides water treatment equipment that captures and treats wash water, resulting in an environmentally compliant way for businesses to wash industrial equipment. We have three different wastewater systems: the closed-loop wastewater treatment, discharge water treatments, and filtration systems.

In our previous two blogs, we explained in detail how the closed-loop wastewater treatment system works and how our discharge system works. In this blog we will explain how our evaporation systems work.

Our Filtration Wastewater Evaporation Systems

A wastewater evaporator is an energy efficient way to process at rates of up to 60 gallons of wash water per hour. 

How it Works

Our evaporator system uses high heat to evaporate the wash water. Unlike the other two wastewater systems, the evaporation systems don’t discharge or recycle the water. Instead, the evaporator completely removes the excess water from the system by evaporating the water with the use of high heat.

In order to do this, the unit is positioned in a convenient location in relation to the wash rack so that the wash water is pumped into a tank, which then gravity-flows into the evaporator so it can be removed from the system. We work with you to custom design the equipment you need in your existing location.


Evans Equipment & Environmental understands all the factors that contribute to your wastewater needs and supports you through every step of the process, from designing to building. Each system must be viewed with a holistic approach to meet all your needs, not just some of them. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at [email protected]. Give us a call at 1-800-377-5872 for a wastewater treatment system you can count on.