A Holistic Approach to Wastewater Treatment  


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A Holistic Approach to Wastewater Treatment  

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the need for a holistic approach to water recycling. When it comes to your wastewater treatment, there needs to be an understanding of your facility’s water quality requirements, water demand and separation expectations. Without a holistic approach, there could be a potential for costly mistakes down the road.

Three Factors to Consider When Building A Wastewater Treatment System For You Wash Pad

Water Quality Requirements

When you decide to build a washpad system that includes wastewater treatment, an understanding of your facility’s water quality requirements is essential, and begins with how you can effectively and quickly remove contaminants. While a well-thought-out design focuses on filtration, the pre-separation process before the water enters the system is vitally important to optimal performance. When pre-separation is included in the initial design, cleaner processed water will minimize maintenance costs providing longer filter life, fewer pump failures, reduced sediment build up in the coil of the pressure washer, and controlled chemical consumption (i.e. coagulants which separates the solids within the water) reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Water Demand

Before a filtration solution is selected, you must consider the flow rate your facility requires. For example, each pressure washer may consume 4-5 gallons per minute (GPM) and an analysis of your washing processes is critical to discern the volume of water currently moving through your facility to ensure the system is scaled to your unique needs.

Separation Requirements

Lastly, wastewater treatment systems are very specific on what can be separated from a waste stream. A system designed for suspended solids may not remove emulsified oils or heavy metals efficiently. Conversely, a system that is designed to remove oil may not be able to filter heavy particulate.

Evans Equipment and Environmental is Your Qualified Support Partner We understand all of the factors that contribute to your wastewater needs and support you through every step of the process from designing to building. Each system needs to be viewed with a holistic approach. It has to meet all of your needs, not just some of them.  

For any questions on how we can help you out please contact David Parks at [email protected] and visit www.evansequipment.com.