Is Your Pressure Washer Getting the Job Done?


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Is Your Pressure Washer Getting the Job Done?


Cleaning heavy equipment is hard on your pressure washer. Removing oil, grease and other chemicals from your equipment requires a pressure washer that can stand up to the rigorous duty required to get the job done right and on time.


Our clients expect Evans Equipment & Environmental to deliver reliable cleaning solutions that increase productivity and environmental compliance. Our systems must be operating in service reliably; not out for repair.


That’s why Evans Equipment & Environmental uses Hotsy pressure washers in both our rental fleet and in our custom manufactured wash systems. We put our trust in Hotsy to perform where reliability and performance matter. Let us tell you why:

hotsy pressure washer

The Hotsy Advantage: What Makes Hotsy Different?


  1. BUILT TOUGH AND OPERATOR SAFE – Hotsy is compliant with all Industry safety standards – ETL/ETLC Certified to UL 1776 and CSA B140.11. Our Pressure Washer Standards meet or exceed OSHA Regulations 1910.399-1910.303a. When you’re buying high pressure cleaning equipment, you can rest assured that Hotsy products are engineered to the highest level of safety and quality.
  2. WELDED FRAMES – Hotsy frames are welded. They hold up to vibration and are stronger than frames held together with nuts and bolts. Built using ISO 9001 standards.
  3. HIGH PRESSURE PUMP – Hotsy manufactures its own pumps, with a 7-year non prorated warranty on the oil end and manifold of the Hotsy pump.
  4. VIBRATION DAMPENING – Mounting plates reduce engine vibration and thus extend the life of the unit.
  5. ENGINES & MOTORS – Hotsy uses engines that are both EPA and CEPA compliant. Hotsy registered and received a certificate from the federal EPA in compliance with the Clean Air Act of 1990. We use only safety certified motors which have thermal overload protection and comply with the new Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (EISA) in compliance with the NEMA Premium efficiency. Our gasoline and diesel engines are Tier lll and IV final emission – compliant.
  6. HEATING COIL – Hotsy has 16 different coil sizes made from heavy duty schedule 80 pipe. The heating coil size is custom matched for optimum performance. 5 year non-prorated warranty.
  7. COMBUSTION CHAMBER – Hotsy combustion chambers are extra-efficient and are fired vertically for easy venting. The upright heating coil is more fuel efficient and burns cleaner than horizontal coils. Hotsy conforms to UL-296 Oil Burner safety standards and meets or exceeds the Clean Air Act of 1990 Certification.
  8. THERMOSTAT – Hotsy pressure washers use thermostats for adjusting the temperature. This saves fuel without compromising cleaning power.
  9. TRANSPARENT PLASTIC BOWL FUEL FILTER – Hotsy’s transparent plastic bowl fuel filter allows the operator to see and remove any sediment or water in the fuel to protect the burner.
  10. ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS AND ENCLOSURES – Hotsy uses only certified electrical components, meet the NEC standard and passed all of the rigorous current leakage, temperature, dielectric strength and water spray testing of UL 1776 section 84.
  11. POWDER COATED PAINT SURFACES – All metal surfaces are phosphatized, then powder coated to ensure excellent paint adherence adhesion, protection and longevity. Hotsy uses the strongest coating available while conforming to environmental regulations.
  12. POLYETHYLENE FUEL TANKS – Hotsy fuel tanks are made from flame resistant material that has been tested to the UL 94 safety standard for Flammability of Plastic Materials. Our fuel tanks also passed the rigorous ball-impact, Izod and aging tests.
  13. TRIGGER GUN – The Hotsy trigger gun is ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue and meet or exceed UL section 70 & 71 drop impact and aging standards.
  14. WAND – All Hotsy wands are chrome plated for durability. Hot water units come with insulated wands and are manufactured to exact length required by safety standards, preventing injection injuries.
  15. HOSE – All hoses are marked with working pressure and temperature. All are manufactured with a burst rating of four times the working pressure. Hotsy uses only reliable, long-lasting Class A rated hoses. Each is equipped with a required 24″ bend restrictor to meet safety standards on models rated above 3200 PSI.


Creating a Turnkey Solution


Effective industrial equipment cleaning is often more complicated than a good pressure washer. It usually involves:

  • A water containment system to collect the dirty water after cleaning the equipment
  • Equipment and a process to clean/filter the water
  • Constructed so that the water was released into the existing sewer system
  • Housing for equipment, supplies, and electrical systems


Creating a solution that performs each step above effectively is a unique challenge for each company. Depending on the time frame, real estate, and resources, our experienced design team helps create the most efficient setup and layout.


Here are just a few examples of how we have included Hotsy pressure washers in past build-outs:

  • Custom setup on a leased property including a portable wash pad, wastewater treatment system, pressure washers, and separation tank
  • Converting a parking lot into a covered wash bay, outfitted with pressure washers, a filtration system, and an equipment room
  • Installation on a temporary worksite of a wash pad, filtration system and pressure washers for an industrial tool rental company
  • Complete setup for a heavy equipment rental company including a wash bay, wastewater treatment system, water cannon for heavy cleaning, and pressure washers


Whether you are simply in need of a better-performing pressure washer for industrial equipment cleaning, or are looking for a complete wastewater treatment solution that improves effectiveness and efficiency, our team is here to help. Evans Equipment & Environmental rents pressure washers and industrial wash equipment all along the Gulf Coast, and is capable of designing and building a turnkey solution from end-to-end.


To learn more about our process, you can watch this short video here or speak to a representative by calling 1-800-377-5872.