Keep Your Job Site Environmentally Compliant & Safe


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Don’t settle for less than a solution from a partner who takes complete responsibility from start to finish. We make it easy to keep things clean and compliance effortless. Contact us today to discuss your wastewater treatment and industrial wash needs.


Keep Your Job Site Environmentally Compliant & Safe


It’s a part of your everyday life.

Moving the dirt is the easy part, but keeping it contained can create problems for you. You don’t want it leaving your work site on the tires of your equipment or traveling outside the site from the wind.

Environmental Compliance

Not only is it a good practice to contain the dirt and mud of a construction site, but it’s the law.  The US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires the owner of a project or work site to protect the air and water quality. You’re required to minimize transport of sediment by wind, runoff, storm water, or other means.

Safety & Health

Beyond environmental reasons, excess sediment on the streets can create a very real safety issue for drivers, not to mention the long-term effects on your respiratory system of breathing in sediment particles.

We can all agree that you want to keep your work site as clean as possible. You want to keep your equipment clean and your wash water clean and contained. 

An All-in-One Solution: Our Portable Wash Pad System

The Evans Equipment portable wash pad is a complete wash and wastewater system including not only the pad, but the closed loop environmental wash system to treat water on site. Now you can comply with regulations no matter where you are when you have equipment to clean. You can keep the equipment clean, the dirt contained, and the wash water treated right there on site.

Our motto is “Spray. Clean. Catch.” because our all-in-one portable wash pad system can be setup including a hot water, industrial-grade pressure washer, splash walls for containment, and various methods for the redistribution of wastewater. We guarantee a system that is always portable, environmentally compliant, and without the need of a permit.