10 Benefits of Leasing Heavy Equipment


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10 Benefits of Leasing Heavy Equipment

Customers have a variety of payment options when it comes to leasing heavy equipment to help their businesses grow.

Before utilizing your valuable cash and your more strategic bank credit lines, many businesses opt to
leasing as the most effective means of acquiring the heavy equipment and supplies to stay competitive.

As a complete solutions provider for the heavy equipment industry, we are happy to offer leasing options for portable wash pads, industrial pressure washers, wash rack supplies, wastewater treatment equipment, and more. Here’s why:

It’s More Convenient

A leasing agreement can actually be pretty simple. We require a limited amount of paperwork with expert guidance to help you get the job done quicker.

It’s Fast

In most cases, you will know if your credit has been approved in 24 hours or less.

It’s Affordable

Heavy Equipment can be a significant investment. By managing your costs through monthly payments, you can afford to get the equipment you need when you need it. It’s also possible to lease equipment without any money down.

100% Financing

Our credit company allows you to bundle all of your costs into one low monthly payment, including your equipment costs, shipping fees, installation charges, service, and more.

Stay on Top of Your Game

In the heavy equipment industry, it’s important to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. Staying on top of your equipment needs allow you to perform the job at hand with ease. You can upgrade your current system or build a new one through leasing to protect yourself against obsolescence.

Preserve Your Capital

Use your liquidity to meet your more short term financing needs and be prepared to meet your more critical operating expenses.

Flexible Payment Terms

Every business has different sales cycles and cash flow requirements. A financial specialists can help customize a payment plan to meet your needs during your slow and busy seasons.

Tax Benefits

Did you know you could deduct as much as 100% of your heavy equipment costs from your taxable income? Certain leasing plans allow this benefit, so it’s always important to look into.

Makes Budgeting Easier

Leasing heavy equipment differs from other types of financing in that it locks in your rate for the life of the finance term, therefore allowing you to project your expenses with ease.

Get the Equipment You Need

Often times limited budgets can inhibit you from getting the equipment you need to get the job done right. A lower monthly payment on a premium piece of equipment will outlast a lower priced option you have to settle with.

Leasing with Evans Equipment

Evans Equipment & Environmental is here to help you meet your growth objectives. Whether you need to upgrade your current heavy equipment wash station or a temporary cleaning solution, we’ve got you covered. You may not realize that you can afford the industrial wash equipment you need and that will get the job done right. Contact a solutions specialist today or request a quote.