4 Challenges Our Portable Wash Pads Provide Solutions For


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4 Challenges Our Portable Wash Pads Provide Solutions For

Evans Equipment and Environmental is a complete solutions provider. We work with our clients to understand their situation, challenges, and goals for their business. Our wash pads and wash systems have become a great solution for many clients that do temporary projects or lease their facilities. In this blog you may identify with one of these challenges we see over and over again.

Here are 4 challenges that we provide solutions with our portable wash pad systems:  

Temporary Projects

When a company is on a remote site doing work for a temporary project, such as building a pipeline, we provide portable wash equipment that can be rented or purchased during the duration of the project.

Portable equipment can better serve your needs as your investment is put into equipment that can readily be used during the project and even after. You can own, lease, or rent a wash pad at a fraction of the cost of building a permanent structure.

The whole system can be set up in 3 hours by only two people. It has a footprint as small as 600 sq. ft. and the entire system packs into a standard shipping container and shipped to your location.

Leased Space

If you’re leasing your facility, consider going with a portable system that can be customized to meet your  needs.

Whether you plan to move or expand your operation out of state or internationally, a wash pad can be used when and where you need it and your investment will not be left behind. The design of the wash pad allows you to stack the sections on a flat bed, along with plenty of room on the truck for your equipment container.

Local Discharge Requirements

The Evans Equipment portable wash pad is a complete wash and wastewater system including not only the pad, but also the closed loop environmental wash system to treat water on site.

This means that the system will comply with regulations no matter where you are or when you have equipment to clean. Your business may be under environmental regulations and most of the above-ground wash pads we install are part of a “Closed-Loop System”, a great solution to customers faced with the challenge of not meeting discharge requirements for their area.

Different Surface Types

We are familiar with the challenges to be expected with various locations (i.e. surface types, climate, terrain, freight) and can plan ahead to execute more efficiently and effectively for our clients.

The main challenge we face is related to the surface on which the wash pads will be installed. The type of surface that exists at the location greatly impacts our installation process.

Here are some examples of various types of surfaces we’ve worked with:

  • Concrete– the most ideal surface for installation, because you don’t have to be concerned about settling or the pad sinking over time. It is also easier to anchor the wall bracing with wedge anchors when working with a concrete foundation.
  • Limestone/Gravel– these are both suitable for installation, but the surfaces need adequate compaction to prevent settling.
  • Asphalt– this is another suitable surface, but it also requires small concrete footings to secure the anchors.

A Portable Wash pad is the Solution for Your Operation

If you’re currently facing any of these challenges, a portable wash pad system may be the solution that you’re looking for! Give us a call at 1-800-377-5872 to talk with us about your specific needs!