Our Pressure Washers


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Don’t settle for less than a solution from a partner who takes complete responsibility from start to finish. We make it easy to keep things clean and compliance effortless. Contact us today to discuss your wastewater treatment and industrial wash needs.


Our Pressure Washers

Here at Evans Equipment, most of the equipment we provide is for industrial wash facilities and wastewater treatment. We have customers that use our water treatment equipment all over the nation, but our pressure washers and parts washers are specific to the Gulf Coast region. We have a great selection of pressure washers, including hot water, cold water, and explosion-proof models.

pressure washersPressure Washers

Custom Wash Bays

Along with our pressure washers, we can also custom design wash bays for your unique needs. If you need a large washing bay, we can provide a design for exactly what you need. No matter how big or small your project is, our custom-made solutions for pressure washing industrial equipment are designed and built to meet the need. Whether you need a small wash pad or a large washing bay for your industrial washing, we can provide a solution that meets your needs and complies with all regulatory codes specific to your location.

pressure washerIndustrial Washing Bay

pressure washersWashing Bay

24/7 Support Service

Evans Equipment gives you as a customer complete industrial wash equipment and wastewater solutions. We can service your pressure washer equipment at any time of day, and on any day of the week in the Gulf Coast region. If you would like to rent our equipment, give us a quick call and we will be happy to assist you and give you more information about renting industrial wash and wastewater equipment in your area.

Evans Equipment is your partner from beginning to end. We can help design the equipment that you need, oversee the fabrication and installation, and offer on-going support services so that your equipment consistently provides reliable, top level performance. Give us a call at 1-800-377-5872 to talk to us more about what you need to get the job done!