Can You Up Your Game? Environmental, Safety, Performance, and Reliability!


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Can You Up Your Game? Environmental, Safety, Performance, and Reliability!


You can with your industrial wash system. Evans Equipment and Environmental designs and builds wastewater treatment and pressure wash systems for reliable high performance.  Scheduled maintenance helps assure the quality of water is environmentally compliant while the system performs as designed.

Keep It Clean 


The very purpose of your wastewater treatment system is to clean contaminated water. Neglecting to properly inspect and test system controls and water quality can allow preventable problems to arise in waste treatment performance.  Proper scheduled maintenance helps you avoid compliance concerns and demonstrates good environmental stewardship.

Play Safe 


Pressure washing systems include extremely high-pressure water pumps, electrical systems, heating elements, valves, hoses, nozzles, combustion engines, fuel and controls often operated in a confined area. Wastewater treatment systems circulate contaminated water often including hydrocarbons. Safe operation is imperative and scheduled maintenance is a critical element of assuring mechanical integrity.

Designed to Perform


Your wash system is designed to perform and it’s important to keep it that way. Like any mechanical system, your wastewater treatment system and pressure washers wear and critical components change with use.  Preventive maintenance and inspection is necessary to bring all components back up to design specifications for continued safe and reliable performance. Evans scheduled maintenance includes over 50 points of inspection and service that keep your system performing as designed.



Data tells us that mechanical failure is most often a relatively long process with plenty of advanced indication if you’re looking for it. Being proactive with your wastewater treatment system maintenance supports environmental, safety, performance and reliability as priorities in your business. Why not up your game? Cost?

A US Department of Energy study found that a company can save between 12-18% using preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance [run to fail] with mechanical equipment.

Let us help you Up Your Game…

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A company can save between 12-18% using preventive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance

Source: US Dept. of Energy