Evans Mechanical System (EMF)





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The Evans Mechanical System excels in removing challenging elements from water, such as heavy contaminants like clays, silts, flocs, oil, and grease. Utilizing sand, carbon, and occasionally clays, this system effectively eliminates industrial wastewater contaminants. It seamlessly combines bioremediation with filtration for organic contaminants and suspended solids.

Why Choose the Evans Mechanical System?

The Evans Mechanical System is tailored to tackle hard-to-remove contaminants efficiently. By employing this mechanical water filtration system, you can filter contaminated wastewater more effectively, meeting environmental standards. It seamlessly integrates with other Evans Equipment, including pressure washers, chemicals, and supplies.

  • Available in marine-grade aluminum or poly material
  • Equipped with safety features

Ideal for filtering heavy contaminants like:

  • Clays
  • Silts
  • Flocs
  • Mud
  • Oil & Grease

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