Oil Water Separators





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Portable Flat 04

Evans employs oil-water separators specialized for separating oil-water mixtures and settling solids. These systems serve as an effective pretreatment method, particularly for heavy contamination. Notable features include a 3-compartment V-bottom design for efficient solid settling, marine-grade aluminum construction, manual oil skimmer with a decanter, and gravity-flow discharge with optional float-activated discharge pump.

Why Choose Evans Oil/Water Separators?

Efficiently clean wastewater by targeting oil separation before discharge, meeting environmental requirements. It's an ideal pretreatment method, featuring a 3-compartment V-bottom design to aid solid settling.

  • Marine-grade aluminum design
  • Used to mechanically separate oil from water and settle solids
  • Standard sizes: 500 gallon/750 gallon/1500 gallon
  • Manual oil skimmer with decanter
  • Gravity-flow discharge with optional float-activated discharge pump
  • Dimensions: 89”LX53”WX59”H
  • Weight: 500 lbs.
  • 3-chamber unit with channel design crossovers

Suited for separating various forms of oils, waters, and settling solids like:

  • Clays
  • Silts
  • Mud
  • Flocs
  • Oil & Grease

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