Quality Water Treatment – Does Your Water Stink?


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Quality Water Treatment – Does Your Water Stink?

Stinky water?

There are two culprits:

1. Odor

2. Water clarity

Solutions to Low Water Quality and Bad Odors

These two problems can be alleviated with a few simple solutions.

  1. An accurately-designed wastewater system – The emanating odor that smells like rotten eggs, generally known as ‘sulfur water,’ is caused by inadequate aeration to oxygenate your water. This prevents your microbes from being in an aerobic environment. Proper design of your wastewater treatment system will ensure the right aerobic environment, and even if you have an existing system, modifications can be made to reduce the odor from your reclaimed water.
  2. A proper settling time – A lack of clarity in your wastewater reclamation system is caused by suspended solids or oil emulsification in the wastewater. With a proper settling time, you should be able to eliminate much of the turbidity. However, to fully clarify your water from suspended solids, it is equally as important to make sure you are using the correct coagulants.
  3. Use of custom detergents – When dealing with oil emulsification, another common cause of lack of clarity in your wastewater, the recommendation is to use custom detergents that will bring the oil out of suspension. This allows you to be able to skim the oil from the surface of your water for easy decanting.

Evans Equipment & Environmental is your Design Partner  Evans provides design services and custom-designed detergents and coagulants to ensure that you have a clear, odorless, aerobic environment for your reclaimed wastewater. With a few easy steps, you can keep your water quality of your reclamation system at the highest level.