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Our Support Services

We’re committed to not only providing the best industrial wash equipment and systems for your business, but we’re also committed to providing on-going support services so that your equipment and systems can function at the top level of performance. While we design our systems with the end user in mind and have an eye on minimal maintenance requirements, the equipment we provide must be regularly serviced for optimal performance. We understand the cost savings that comes along with proper preventative maintenance on your equipment. Much like any piece of equipment, an ounce of prevention yields a pound of cure. Without proper routine maintenance, unwanted costs are unavoidable.

Just as you change the oil in your car every 3,000 – 5,000 miles, you also must fully clean out the wastewater treatment system approximately every six months, depending on how much washing occurs in your facility. Doing so will reduce your exposure to risk and ensure the equipment you wash is thoroughly cleaned, while minimizing downtime and costly repairs down the road. Ultimately it is important to have your equipment in good working condition. If your equipment breaks down on a job, not only is the job losing time, money, and productivity, you are also potentially losing a good relationship with your client. Let’s avoid that altogether.

Here’s some of the support services we offer:

  • Training – Training on how to properly operate and maintain equipment.
  • Supplies – Detergents, coagulants and other system consumables.
  • Service and Repairs – Qualified Service Technicians to handle all service and repair issues.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Periodic Preventative Maintenance visits that include key Service Check items in order to maintain a proactive approach to maintenance of all equipment.

We understand all of the factors that contribute to the maintenance of your wastewater treatment system. We offer monthly maintenance services to ensure you are never put in a situation in which you are not environmentally compliant. Preventative Maintenance is the service in which technicians check and evaluate each component of a system, as well as the overall performance of the system. This service is crucial in maintaining a proactive approach to operation and maintenance of your equipment. It creates the ability to prevent problems before they happen and helps with eliminating down-time.

When is your next maintenance scheduled?

Evans Environmental & Equipment is your Support Partner. Should you have any questions regarding your wash bay or biological system, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at [email protected]. We are proud of the equipment we provide and want to ensure that your operation is able to produce with little to no interruptions. Call Evans Equipment today at 1-800-377-5872 and ask about our affordable maintenance contracts!