Evans Consumables and Wash System Maintenance


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Evans Consumables and Wash System Maintenance

When it comes to meeting compliance standards, we understand the maintenance on wash systems can be time consuming and costly.  So, we’ve designed our biological systems to be a low maintenance solution to recover and recycle wastewater.

Even though our wash systems are considered low maintenance, the system must be serviced regularly to ensure the quality of the water within the system is healthy, that pumps do not over amp, and hazardous conditions do not develop. This is a vital part of maintaining your wash system.

Maintaining Your Wash System

As a general rule of thumb, each biological system should be replenished with microbes, coagulant and fresh filters on a monthly basis. Not only will these simple measures prevent system failures, but will also ensure your facility remains environmentally compliant and maintains a healthy wash environment for your staff.

In addition, you must also fully clean out the wastewater treatment system approximately every six months (depending on how much washing occurs in your facility). Doing so will reduce your exposure to risk and ensure the equipment you wash is thoroughly cleaned, while minimizing downtime and costly repairs down the road.

Evans Consumables

Evans Equipment & Environmental offers a full line of degreasers and detergents that are gentle enough to use on your personal vehicle, yet strong enough to clean the filthiest of equipment. 

These items can be purchased in  5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or totes:

  • Quick Split: Oil & Water Demulsifier
  • Hotsy Breakthrough: Heavy Duty Degreaser and All Purpose Detergent
  • Shark Bite: Heavy Duty Detergent & Degreaser
  • Santi-Clean: Mold & Mildew Remover 

You can add any of our effective, environmentally safe detergents to any rental order. Contact us by phone for more information: 1-800-377-5872.

We also offer monthly maintenance services to ensure that your system is environmentally compliant. Should you have any questions regarding your wash system, contact us here or email our customer support team at [email protected].