No Need For “Hand Washing” Equipment: A Better Solution


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No Need For “Hand Washing” Equipment: A Better Solution

We received a phone call from a Houston-based oil drilling service company that began with “we are washing our equipment by hand.”   They knew this was not ideal, but we were able to share with them exactly why:

  1. It’s time consuming.  Automating the method of washing equipment would speed up the process immensely.
  2. It’s not cost-effective. The amount of time necessary for the labor involved with “hand washing” these industrial pieces is very costly.
  3. It goes against environmental regulations. There’s a specific set of environmental codes your business must comply with should an inspection take place.

These were the general issues, yet they also had specific challenges they were facing, such as, needing a water containment and filtration system to clean the water prior to sending it through their sewage system.

The Need:

  • Equipment to automate the cleaning of the equipment
  • A water containment system to collect the dirty water after cleaning the equipment
  • Equipment and a process to clean/filter the water
  • Constructed so that the water was released into the existing sewer system.

The Solution:

One contractor to coordinate and complete the entire system.

The quotes received from other contractors were not all-inclusive, beginning-to-end solutions which would cover all the bases to complete the job needed. The company was going to have to consider using multiple vendors to get a redesigned equipment washing system…until it received the Evans Equipment bid.

Our bid began with an onsite evaluation and we offered a turnkey solution to efficiently and effectively accomplish all goals. Our team would implement each piece of the process from start to finish.

The Details:

The design involved converting the parking lot near the building into a covered wash bay, as well as building an equipment room to store the filtration system and pressure washer.

For a new slab to be poured, our Evans Construction team used a saw cutter to extract the existing concrete. They then dug a trench for a drain down the center which leads to an in-ground oil water separator. The new filtration system process of capturing and processing the water was completed successfully.

The client was extremely satisfied and only had to work with one company to get the desired result.

And, now they don’t have to worry about washing by hand anymore!