Meet Your Wash Needs and Federal/State/Local Regulations with Your Wastewater Treatment System Design


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Meet Your Wash Needs and Federal/State/Local Regulations with Your Wastewater Treatment System Design

Regulations and enforcement by local municipalities play an important role when it comes to designing an industrial wash pad and wastewater treatment system.

Any obstacles that might need to be overcome regarding your specific needs, wash pad and wastewater pre-treatment parameters need to be taken care of during the Design phase.

This includes company-specific discharge policies, as well as any local, state, or federal wastewater regulations.

Your industrial wash equipment must be designed to meet all the necessary environmental, electrical, and legal requirements. Not only is this essential, it will also be more cost-effective in the long run.

For example, here is a short list of some necessities we provide in our Fabrication and Construction departments:

  • OSHA-approved handrails along adjacent edges of in-ground pits
  • Pipe bollards along adjacent edges of in-ground pits
  • Elevated platforms with handrails and toe boards to safely access large storage tanks
  • Concrete curbs to ensure adequate containment of wash water
  • Aluminum or concrete splash walls to provide additional containment from overspray to prevent loss of water, as well as to protect electrical components from direct contact from water
  • Equipment control panels with UL Listed components to ensure adequate electrical safety
  • Installations compliant to local or state plumbing and electrical code requirements

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the importance of regulations during the wastewater treatment system design process.

That’s why we ask the questions and do the research – to ensure that the solutions remain compliant.

Our team has the knowledge and resources to assist you with the solutions you need to create or modify your system design. We determine the best course of action to guarantee that your washpad operation is compliant with Federal and Local Regulations.

Give us a call at 1-800-377-5872 for a custom-built wastewater treatment system you can count on.