Wastewater Treatment Systems: Poly-tank or Aluminum?


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Wastewater Treatment Systems: Poly-tank or Aluminum?

When it comes to your wastewater treatment system, it’s important to ensure the design complies with your personal wash rack needs.

There are two main types of wastewater treatment systems that our team at Evans Equipment fabricates: Standard Poly-tank and Aluminum.

The system fabricated for you will be able to handle your specific requirements.

So, what’s the difference? How do you know which you need?

Traditional Poly-Tank Wastewater Treatment System

These are cone-bottom poly-tanks connected by pipe crossovers and an assortment of pumps, filters and float controls – controlled by a UL Listed Control Panel.

The physical placement of the tanks can be altered in the field to accommodate available space in your equipment room.

After the tanks are positioned, the installation takes place. During the installation process, the final plumbing connections are made.

Standard Poly-tanks are:

  1. Durable
  2. Easily Accessible
  3. Simple to Maintain

Aluminum Wastewater Treatment System

Sometimes a washpad system may be best-suited for an aluminum treatment system.

Aluminum systems have the same basic function of a Poly-tank, however, there are some advantages that the aluminum version offers.

Aluminum Wastewater Treatment Systems are:

  1. More Self-Contained – This is an advantage because the internal plumbing connections are completed by the fabrication department, which reduces installation time.
  2. Easy to Relocate – The built-in forklift pockets allow you to easily relocate the system with a standard forklift.
  3. Able to Fit in Places Poly-tanks Can’t – There are some wash rack equipment rooms that cannot accommodate a Standard Poly-tank. For these rooms, an aluminum version would be best.

Whether you’re in need of a Standard Poly-tank or an Aluminum version, our team at Evans Equipment can build and install your wastewater treatment system to ensure that your washpad remains compliant.

Our fabrication department is extremely precise. We provide quality custom-built products with additional versatility to solve space or treatment requirements in your wash rack.

Let us help you decide which wastewater treatment system is right for your needs! Call us today at 1-800-377-5872 for a quote!