How Your Water Affects Your Wash System


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How Your Water Affects Your Wash System

The water that you use for your wash system has a significant effect on your entire operation. This is something that we take into account when we design or modify your existing wash and wastewater treatment system. Have you noticed problems with your water quality?

Here are three types of water that may be causing issues for your wash system: 

  1. Sulfur Water

Sulfur water is recognized by the odor. It has that “rotten egg” smell and slimy texture. Working with sulfur water requires a fine-tuned wastewater system to ensure the right aerobic environment. Even an existing system can be modified to reduce the odor of sulfur water.

  1. Low Clarity

A lack of clarity in your wastewater reclamation system could be caused by suspended solids or oil emulsification in the wastewater. With a proper settling time, you should be able to eliminate much of the turbidity.

To fully clarify your water from suspended solids, it is equally as important to make sure you are using the correct coagulants. When dealing with oil emulsification (the other cause of low clarity) we recommend the use of custom detergents to bring the oil out of suspension. This allows you to be able to skim the oil from the surface of your water for easy decanting.

  1. Hard Municipal/ City Water

 Municipal or “hard” water has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. Hard water got its name because it requires more soap to get a good lather, making the water “hard” to work with.

 More soap is required when washing parts and equipment with “ hard” water. However, the main challenge in cleaning equipment comes in the rinsing step. “Hard” water does not rinse as well and often leaves spots on parts and equipment from the minerals in the water. (This information is provided by Best Technology.)

Maximize Your Wash System With Treated Water

We provide the best design services and custom-designed detergents and coagulants to ensure that you have a clear, odorless, aerobic environment for your reclaimed wastewater. With a few easy steps, you can keep your water quality of your reclamation system at the highest level.

No matter what kind of challenges you’re facing in your water quality, we can step in to provide a solution in a timely manner and on budget! Give us a call at 1-800-377-5872.