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Don’t settle for less than a solution from a partner who takes complete responsibility from start to finish. We make it easy to keep things clean and compliance effortless. Contact us today to discuss your wastewater treatment and industrial wash needs.

The Flexibility of Portable Wash Pads

December 7, 2016

There are various uses for wash pads to keep your equipment and vehicles clean and serviced while also protecting your facilities and the environment. With the advent of portable wash pads, it is easier than ever to have a self-contained washing location with ease and flexibility. Key Benefits of a Portable Wash Pad There are […]

Old Technology, Effective Solution

November 15, 2016

Let Evans Equipment help you build your system. It is so important to select the correct type of filtration products, such as multi-media or carbon.

Poly vs. Aluminum: What Type of Water Treatment Tanks Do You Need?

November 8, 2016

Whether it’s our standard poly-tank system or our aluminum version, we can build and install your wastewater treatment system to ensure that your washpad remains compliant.

Wastewater Treatment System

Aluminum vs. Steel: How To Choose the Right Material

November 1, 2016

We ensure the right material for the right job. Since Evans Equipment has the capability to fabricate in both aluminum and steel, we have the ability to design and fabricate any product or equipment using the material that best fits the overall need.

A 3D Drawing is Worth a Thousand Words

October 26, 2016

We use Solidworks for our 3D drawings in order to provide our customers with a high-quality “rendered” view.

Does Your Water Stink?

October 17, 2016

Stinky water? There are two culprits: 1. Odor 2. Water clarity Solutions to Low Water Quality and Bad Odors These two problems can be alleviated with a few simple solutions. An accurately-designed wastewater system – The emanating odor that smells like rotten eggs, generally known as ‘sulfur water,’ is caused by inadequate aeration to oxygenate your […]

Maintain Now or Pay More Later

October 4, 2016

Case Study: Company “X” purchases portable washpad and treatment system for $100K Company “X” decided against a preventative maintenance service Numerous sump pumps and the pressure washer began to fail Company “X” could no longer wash pipe at their facility costing the company $15,000 per day in down time Word about the system malfunction did […]

Not All Nozzles are Created Equal

September 23, 2016

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the importance of using the right nozzle. One of the most common mistakes for industry users of pressure washing equipment is not using the correct nozzle on your pressure washer. Why is it Important to Use the Correct Nozzle? Why is the nozzle so important? It is essential to select […]

Washing Inside the Box

September 13, 2016

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands that not all situations are the same when it comes to your industrial pressure washer needs. Maybe you don’t own your location or are planning a move or expansion. Or you could possibly have the need to clean at a remote location out of state or internationally. Or perhaps your […]

Wastewater Compliance and Maintenance

September 6, 2016

At Evans Equipment & Environmental, we understand the maintance on washpad systems can be costly when it comes to meeting compliance standards, so we design our Biological Systems to be a low maintenance solution to recover and recycle wastewater. And even though the system is considered low maintenance, it is vitally important the system is […]