Cleaning Heavy Sludge


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Cleaning Heavy Sludge

If you have responsibilities for industrial or municipal cleaning projects, you know how heavy sludge and contamination needs to be met with the right tool for the job. Introducing Evans High Volume Pumps for:

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Barge Flushing
  • Hydro-Excavation
  • Pipe Cleaning


Cleaning out tanks and lines can tie up significant time, labor and expense especially if you don’t have the best tools for the job. Evans Equipment & Environmental supplies the equipment and expertise to ensure you don’t waste valuable time when cleaning tanks, pipes or other difficult to clean areas.

Flexible Solutions

Popular solutions include Evans High Volume Trailer Packages which are available for rent or purchase. We design, build and service custom trailer packages allowing mobility to go where the work is and flexibility to meet your cleaning demands.

Your High Volume Pump rental from Evans Equipment includes options:

  • 3,000 PSI at 23 GPM
  • Units mounted on heavy duty tandem axle trailer
  • Water temps up to 180 degrees
  • Sewer Nozzle Options
  • Choice of adjustable pattern spray gun/ long lance guns


From Individual pump components to turnkey solutions, Evans is your one point of contact for design, equipment, and service. Call us today to see how we can solve your industrial wash challenges. 1-800-377-5872