Powerful Partnership: A Guide to Top-notch Industrial Pressure Washer Equipment featuring Evans Equipment & Environmental


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Powerful Partnership: A Guide to Top-notch Industrial Pressure Washer Equipment featuring Evans Equipment & Environmental

Evans proudly offers a wide range of industrial pressure washers and high volume pumps. Whether you’re in need of hot water, cold water, or explosion-proof model pressure washers, our range of industrial power washer offerings are designed to elevate your cleaning experience. We even have trailer packages! 

Join us as we dive into determining the best option for you, a few tips on maintaining your equipment’s performance, and how Evans Equipment sets you up for success with our scheduled maintenance programs.

Choosing the Right Industrial Pressure Washer Equipment for Your Needs

Choosing the right pressure washer requires careful consideration of your specific needs and intended use. Depending on the type of wash that the equipment needs, required pressure, and power will help determine what you need.

Firstly, determine the power and pressure requirements based on the tasks you’ll be tackling. The average person, performing light tasks such as cleaning patio furniture or washing a car, only needs a pressure washer with a PSI (pounds per square inch) of 1,300-2,000.

Heavy-duty cleaning tasks such as cleaning industrial parts & equipment, oil spill response, heavy equipment cleaning, or barge cleaning necessitate a higher PSI. Often exceeding 3,000.

The flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM), is another factor to consider. A higher GPM ensures a quicker and more efficient cleaning process, particularly for larger areas such as tank cleaning.  With Evans Equipment’s wide range of hot and cold pressure washer models and complete power washer trailer packages available, Evans is your one-stop solution for all your heavy-duty equipment cleaning needs.

Another important factor to consider is the power source – electric or gas. Electric pressure washers are typically more lightweight and easier to maintain, making them ideal for smaller tasks. Gas-powered pressure washers offer greater mobility and more power. In heavy-duty applications, where access to electricity is limited, gas-powered pressure washers are best.

Furthermore, nozzle attachments play a pivotal role in directing the water spray. Adjustable nozzles allow for flexibility in controlling the pressure. Specialized nozzles, such as turbo or rotary nozzles, cater to specific cleaning needs. Always pay attention to the build quality, durability, and additional features like hose length and storage options. 

By aligning the pressure washer’s specifications with your needs, you can get an efficient and effective cleaning tool tailored to your requirements. The Evans team can provide you with all the necessary information and a customized solution for your specific needs. 

Effective Industrial Pressure Washing Tips for Heavy Machinery Cleaning 

Select the appropriate Pressure and Flow Rate:

When pressure washing heavy machinery, it’s crucial to choose the right combination of pressure and flow rate. Heavy machinery often requires higher pressure and deep cleaning to remove dirt, stubborn grime, and grease. Opt for a pressure washer with a PSI rating of at least 3,000 or higher.

Additionally, a higher gallons-per-minute (GPM) flow rate ensures a faster and more effective cleaning process. Adapt these specifications to fit your machinery’s needs, ensuring you have enough power for challenging cleaning tasks.

Use Degreasers and Detergents:

Heavy machinery is prone to collecting greasy residues and industrial-strength dirt. Enhance the cleaning process by using degreasers and detergents specifically designed for pressure washers. Apply these cleaning agents before using the pressure washer to help break down and loosen tough grime. Allow the detergent to sit for the recommended time to maximize its effectiveness.

This pre-treatment ensures that the pressure washer can efficiently remove the loosened debris. As a result, you get a more thorough and proper cleaning of the heavy machinery.

When you partner with Evans you get top-notch industrial wash equipment, water treatment systems, and ongoing support services. Our line of degreasers and detergents ensures effective cleaning without harm to equipment or the environment.

Employ Proper Nozzle Attachments:

The choice of nozzle attachment is critical when pressure washing heavy machinery. Opt for a nozzle that provides a concentrated and powerful stream, such as a 15 or 25-degree nozzle. These nozzles focus the water spray for optimal pressure and cleaning force.

Additionally, consider using a rotating or turbo nozzle for even greater cleaning power. Adjust the nozzle distance and angle to the machinery to strike a balance between effective cleaning and avoiding potential damage. Regularly inspect and clean the nozzles to prevent clogs that may hinder performance. Proper nozzle selection ensures precision in targeting dirt and grime on heavy machinery surfaces.

Maintaining Your Industrial Power Washer

Cleaning heavy equipment is hard on your pressure washer. Removing oil, grease, and other chemicals from your equipment requires a powered pressure washer that can stand up to the rigorous duty required to get the job done right and on time. Our clients expect Evans Equipment & Environmental to deliver reliable cleaning solutions that increase productivity and environmental compliance. Our pressure washer systems must be operating reliably and should there be down time, Evans team will be there to help. 

That’s why Evans Equipment & Environmental offers ongoing scheduled maintenance programs that keep your equipment in working condition. The equipment we provide must have regular service and regular cleaning for optimal performance. We understand the cost that comes with proper preventative maintenance on your equipment. That’s why our scheduled maintenance is designed to help save you time and money.

We offer training, service and repairs by qualified technicians, supplies, and preventative maintenance. No solution is truly complete if it leaves you to train yourself. Our solutions include the support you’ll need to use and maintain your water treatment system.

Scheduled maintenance will help prevent compliance violations and keep your equipment functioning properly.

Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

  1. Minimal Downtime
  2. Long-Term Savings
  3. Maximum Machine Efficiency

Scheduling Options

  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly

Now What? 

  • Unsure whether to lease or buy industrial wash equipment?  
  • Do you know the wastewater regulations in your area?
  • Are you looking for wash equipment for a specific type of equipment?
  • Do you know if you are in compliance with environmental regulations for wastewater disposal?
  • Is your current treatment method maximizing your operation efficiency? 

With our wide range of hot and cold pressure washer models and complete trailer packages available, Evans Equipment & Environmental is your turnkey solution for all your heavy equipment cleaning needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your industrial wash operations: 1-800-377-5872.