Wastewater and Secondary Containment: Cost Effective Compliance


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Wastewater and Secondary Containment: Cost Effective Compliance


Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the importance of containment when it comes to your wastewater and hazardous liquids. Penalties for non-compliance on proper wastewater storage can range from a mere written warning, all the way up to a $25k per day offense.

But non-compliance penalties aren’t your only concern. How do you avoid these penalties while still achieving cost-effective solutions for compliance?

A Case Study on Wastewater and Secondary Containment

The Evans Equipment & Environmental fabrication and construction departments were recently installing a filtration system for a customer’s wash bay. This particular bay was required to hold approximately 600 gallons of water. From both a facility and an environmental standpoint, imagine the HSE nightmare should their system spring a leak.

Furthermore, the customer had a large-parts washer and evaporator, without any secondary containment–secondary containment is the containment of hazardous liquids in order to prevent pollution of soil and water.

The company felt the only solution was to install a permanent containment curb in the middle the facility. This would not only cause a potential trip hazard, but it also committed the facility to square footage that then became equipment specific.

Through the support and expert consulting of Evans Equipment, our fabrication department was able to build containment trays to the customer specifications. This offered a way to be compliant that was cost effective, saved valuable space in the facility, and can be relocated should the need ever arise.

Evans is your Support Partner Evans Equipment takes pride in providing turn-key solutions for all industrial washpad and containment needs. Our goal is to partner with you to provide professional support for your fabricated equipment that gives you solutions you might not have thought of on your own, at a cost that will protect your “bottom-line.”