Not All Pressure Washer Nozzles are Created Equal


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Not All Pressure Washer Nozzles are Created Equal

Evans Equipment & Environmental understands the importance of using the right nozzle. One of the most common mistakes for industry users of pressure washing equipment is not using the correct nozzle on your pressure washer.

Why is it Important to Use the Correct Nozzle?

Why is the nozzle so important? It is essential to select the correct nozzle for the job because choosing the wrong one can result in several different disadvantages.

In order to better explain why not all nozzles are alike, let’s consider the important functions of a nozzle.

  1. Nozzles are available in different spray patterns, which come with 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree and 40 degree patterns. Obviously, one spray pattern may better fit your needs depending on what you are washing.
  2. Nozzles also come with various orifice sizes, which directly affects the output. The larger the orifice size, the lower the output pressure. Our experienced staff at Evans Equipment can help guide you in selecting the correct spray pattern and orifice size that will best fit your project.

The Wrong Nozzle Will Create Problems

Choosing the wrong nozzle will not only affect spray pattern and output, but can also affect the performance of your pressure washer. For example, if you choose a nozzle size that is too small for the operating pressure of your pressure washer, you can eventually cause current overload and stress to the electric motor on your unit. The wrong nozzle size can also result in tripping machine resets, burning fuses or even damaging equipment to an inoperable point. Using the wrong nozzle can also cause long-term problems that decreases the life of wearable components.

We understand all of the factors that contribute to successful pressure washing when it comes to using the correct nozzle. Using the correct nozzle for the job will help you complete your project more efficiently in a shorter amount of time. Also, the right nozzle will ensure that your projects are more timely, and that your equipment is operating free of undue stress to its components. For any questions on how we can help you out, please contact David Parks and check out our website.

At Evans Equipment, we have a large selection of nozzle types and sizes to meet your needs, as well as experienced personnel to help you ensure that your using the correct nozzle for your job.